DYI: Frog Habitat

In Native American tradition the frog is often seen as a rain maker.

Frogs are great little reptiles to have in your garden, especially as natural pest control. There is wonderful history in the beliefs about frogs, as well. Though varying, the single constant belief is that they are a symbol of good luck. So, why not invite them to stay around.

We are going to try and add a habitat to the rock garden in our breeze way. There is, in particular, a Neoregelia Carolinae potted in the rock bed, and its center eco system keeps stagnant water and has been found with mosquito larva. Our hope is that inviting frogs to stay just next to this plant will provide the frog with a buffet and reduce mosquito contact with the plant between waterings.

Frogs habitats can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make them. And there is a stockpile of inspiring ideas on Pinterest. In this project I have used a couple of planter plates and a small pot. All the other items are readily available via the earth. This reminded me to playing with blocks because it can be set up in so many different ways. And over the coarse of the last week or so, I have tried nearly all of them.

Frog habitats can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make them.

In the midst of constructing my little reptile resort; I decided it needed a water source too. Even if it is the smallest little man-made pond. Another reason I love working in rock beds, it was so easy to create an area and insert a clear plastic floor guard. Once filled with water, I used rocks and plants to blend it into the bed.

Now during all this, I discovered a little .. no rather big .. frog spending the days in one of the potted hostas. Coincidentally, the hostas is along the same wall, and in the same bed as the newly created resort. As of yet, our visitor has been spotted (ha!) 4 days in the past week. I expect I will continue to play with this area, and who knows, maybe move the  little pool closer to the hostas, or vice versa. Again, an advantage of rock-beds and potted plants.

If you want to read more about frogs and the historical beliefs, the following articles is a nice read.

References & Recommendations:


Have a frog in your garden? Have you made your own frog habitat?


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